Why not walk it?

The Crown Estate's Regent Street offices are just a short step away from some of London's most celebrated shops and restaurants. You're 15 minutes' stroll from the bustle of Covent Garden, 13 minutes from Charing Cross, and the delights of Regent Street are literally on your doorstep.

Regent Street is a renowned international destination, a world-class environment bristling with quality, heritage, style and success. It is a vibrant centre for people, business and shopping. Over 10,000 people work on Regent Street. It is home to 700 small and medium-sized businesses and over 150 retail and catering outlets. 

There are good walking links south of Regent Street and the Piccadilly and St James’s  area can be reached in 7-10 minutes by walking via Sackville Street and south Regent Street. Further south, the Mall and St James’ park can be reached in 15-20 minutes by walking via Sackville Street and St James’ Square.

Click on the images below for the Regent Street Walking Maps.

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Legible London

Legible London, an ambitious scheme funded and being developed city-wide by Transport for London to help people find their wat around on foot. 

London is a highly walkable city - if you know where you're going. Legible London uses a combination of street signs, walking maps and online information to help people make sense of how the capital's streets interlink, giving them the confidence to walk - if that's the most efficient option for their journey. It's a prototype for a pedestrian wayfinding system proposed for the whole of London. To find out more, visit