About us


The Regent Street Association (RSA) was formed in 1925 when the Crown Estate, the landlord, was redeveloping Regent Street. It represents the interests of the retailers, restaurants, offices and other businesses in the area and promotes Regent Street to both the UK and overseas markets through marketing and traffic free events. On behalf of our 370+ member organisations, (100+ retailers, 55+ restaurants/bars, 15 hotels and over 150 offices) the RSA keeps members up to date with everything that’s happening on the street to ensure you take full advantage of your area. 

Annie Walker is the Director and runs the day to day business, supported by Deputy Director Suzanne Brennan, Chrissie Libid, Melissa Wignall and Samantha Ward.

Please contact info@regentstreetlocal.info to enquire about membership.

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The President of the Regent Street Association is Paul Lorraine from Longchamp and the Honorary Treasurer is Jenn Rothschild from Burberry. Both are elected each year by the members of the Regent Street Association. The Regent Street Association Council has nine members who include representatives from Burberry, Coach and Gaucho Piccadilly. They meet every six weeks to discuss finances, events, and issues relating to Regent Street and the West End.